Top 5 Best System Monitoring Tools

2009 The Geek Stuff Top 5 Best System Monitoring ToolsThe Geek Stuff ( recently ran a survey on favorite monitoring tools. Nagios was by far the most popular tool among geeks – awesome! Kudos go to other great OSS monitoring/management tools like Cacti, top, Zabbix, and Munin.

Source: The Geek Stuff – September 2, 2009

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  • Good job Ethan! I have used Cacti and found that the software’s dependency on SNMP to be a bit frightening. Especially considering my organization locks down the SNMP port due to security concerns. However, I do like the integration of Cacti with Nagios.

    I feel one reason for the success of Nagios is the ability to integrate multiple monitoring schemes. If users want to monitor the environment actively, they can perform that task directly from the Nagios host or using NRPE, NSCA and or NSCLIENT++. My organization uses a combination of all the mentioned.

    Notifications are simple to configure and using NDOUTILS and Nagvis you can set up excellent visual system diagrams. My organization actually purchased 4 42″ flat-screen televisions to create a control room consisting of Nagvis charts.

    Keep up the excellent work Ethan! You and your team are putting forth an excellent open source project with Nagios. I am sure you will start to experience increased success with your current business model.

    Mike Kniaziewicz, MIS

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